Sweet & Sour Chicken

Let me tell you about this chicken! If you love Chinese food, this is even better than Take-Out! It is so crispy, rich and fulfilling and the homemade sweet and sour sauce just knocks the ball, out of the park!

The chicken recipe can be used to make 1 serving or enough to feed an army. Mix the pancake batter according to the direction. I use the add water version because the other mixes have oil in them. Adding an oil based batter to a pot of oil doesn’t have the crisping effect as water. Water based batter fries much better than oil based batted.

Tip: One thing I have learned that eating this fresh out of the fryer is the best way to eat it. If you have to keep it warm while you make more batches, place it in the oven at the lowest possible setting. If you place it in a container or cover it, it will actually trap the steam in making the chicken soft and doughy. You want crispy fried chicken!


Fried Chicken

You will need:

Hungry Jack Complete pancake mix (just add water)


Chicken breast diced into 1″ cubes

Canola or Vegetable Oil for frying


Sweet & Sour Sauce (makes about a cup)

You will need:

2 TBSP Corn Starch

3/4 C. Water

2/3 C. Sugar

3 TBSP Ketchup

2 TBSP Vinegar


Sweet & Sour Sauce

Whisk the Corn Starch and the Water together until there are no clumps.

corn starch and water

Add the Sugar, Ketchup and Vinegar. Whisk together and place over a medium low heat on the stove.


It will look red and milky, and in the blink of an eye it will bubble up and turn into a translucent red. Once it is glossy and transparent, remove from heat.




For the chicken, dip chicken into prepared pancake batter and place in a pot of canola/veggie oil.

sweet and sour chicken 5

Cook on medium heat until the chicken is cooked all the way through.

sweet and sour chicken 6

sweet and sour chicken 2

If making a lot, place the cooked pieces on a cookie sheet and place in the oven at the oven’s lowest temperature to keep the chicken warm while you prepare the rest.

sweet and sour chicken 4

sweet and sour chicken 7


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