Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Vanilla bean is like the spice from the heavens. It smells so heavenly and makes everything taste so divine. I was browsing inside a kitchen gadget store when I came across vanilla bean paste (oh yes, if you haven’t found this before, you must try it!). It was an entire jar filled with the billions of tiny brown flecks. Since I was making ice cream, why not make it even more delicious? I have a wonderful ice cream maker (Ice Cream Maker) and it makes 1.5 quarts. I adapted the recipe from the Cuisinart Ice Cream recipe book that came with it to make it a little bit more to my taste.

The freezer core to my ice cream maker must sit in the freezer over night, do check to see if your ice cream maker needs time to chill before you begin the process. Trust me, when you want to make ice cream and the core is not frozen, it makes for a very, very sad day!

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream:

2 tsp. Vanilla bean paste (Buy Vanilla Bean Paste Here)

1 pint of heavy whipping cream

1 cup of 1% milk

3/4 of granulated sugar

pinch of salt (maybe 1/8-1/4 tsp if you want to measure it)


There are always recipes saying whisk mixture in this bowl, then transfer it to that bowl, then store it in the fridge for 2 hours (let’s be real, it feels like eternity). This is my lazy way of making ice cream and it hasn’t failed me yet.

Take out the frozen ice cream core and put the machine together so it is all ready to go. Turn it on with nothing inside of it (if your ice cream maker discourages it, then add everything first then turn it on). While the core is spinning and the blade is scraping the sides, begin to add the ingredients. Pour in the heavy whipping cream and the milk. Then add the sugar (having the liquid in the core will prevent the sugar from globbing up at the bottom). Add the salt. Next, add in the heavenly spoonfuls of vanilla bean paste. My machine runs for 20 minutes.

I often eat it at a soft serve consistency (immediately after the ice cream maker is finished working its magic), but you can freeze it in a glass bowl with a lid to harden it up or even in individual servings in small air tight containers.

I use this for cakes, milk shakes, sundaes, etc…it is just so darn good!

ice cream_edited



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