Better than Oreos/ Whipping Cream Cookies

Oh yes, you read that title correct! Better than Oreos! This recipe is something that is always made during the holidays and it is such a treat! I remember my brother and I would help my mom make these in the kitchen and we would try to stack as many on “1 cookie” as possible. He always stacked the most!

Make 1 day in advanced!

You will need:

1 package Famous Chocolate Wafers (tricky to find)

2 C. Heavy Whipping Cream

1 pinch of sugar

Warning: as any good cook, you should always taste test your product…in this case you are WRONG! These cookies will have to sit in the refrigerator for about 8-12 hours or over night. The sweetness from the cookie will go into the cream and the cream will soften the cookie. This cookie is all about Yin and Yang! If you eat the cream before it has had time to meld with the cookie, you will be disappointed. If you try to eat this cookie, it’ll be hard and yucky. Trust me!

famous chocolate wafers

It is that simple. In a bowl whip the cream and sugar together until soft peaks form. Then start stacking! 1 cookie, blob of cream, 1 cookie, blob of cream, etc. You can make them into little sandwich cookies or into tall towers of deliciousness, which ever you prefer.

famous chocolate wafers 2

Once your cookies are nicely assembled, place covered in the refrigerator over night!!

famous chocolate wafers 3

The next day…you will be looking at the most delicious tower of desserts! But once you make these, you will find it hard to resist to not make more! So simple and so scrumptious.

famous chocolate wafers 4

Trust me, these are even Santa Claus approved!


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