Where are the cupcakes, Dr. Cupcake?

I have been asked about why I have not posted cupcake recipes when my name is Dr. Cupcake. A very good question! My aunt Tine has always called me Dr. Cupcake as a fusion between my passion of baking and medicine.

Why no cupcakes? I am currently living on a Caribbean Island in the middle of the ocean (a place were icing, frosting and fondant love to melt away). I will be moving back to the good ol’ US of A very soon. So, have no fear, the cupcakes are coming!! I just can’t do the cupcakes justice when the icing melts away (no air conditioning).

With that being said, I am also taking on new cooking and baking challenges. So if you want me to give you a recipe for a particular dish, send it to me!

I will be posting a lot more of cupcakes, cakes, and cookies in the next month or so! Keep an eye out!


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