Crockpot Chicken Pot Pie

You asked and here it is! The most common request I have received was the need for a chicken pot pie recipe that would knock your socks off. I created one, then I was asked, “how can I make it in a crock-pot?” So, I got creative and think I created a super simple (and super scrumptious) recipe to give you comfort food without the effort. It is fast, easy, and oh so good!


Makes 6 servings.

You Will Need:

2 chicken breasts (I used 5 frozen chicken tenders)

1 large Yukon Gold potato (or 2 smaller ones)

1 can of Cream of Chicken soup + 1 can of water

2 cubes of chicken bouillon

4TBSP butter

1 cup of milk

3 TBSP cornstarch

1/2 cup frozen peas

1/2 cups of diced carrots

1 store bought pie crust (or you can make your own)

Crock-pot liners (optional, just helps with the clean-up)

Salt ‘n’ pepper to taste


First thing first, place the liner in the crock-pot. This is optional, but when slow cooking, everything seems to bake on the sides and takes forever and a day to scrub….save yourself the hassle and use the liner.


Next toss in the  diced carrots.


Toss in a diced potato.


Add butter. Sprinkle in some salt and pepper.


Add the 2 cubes of chicken bouillon. Unwrap them, of course!


Toss the frozen chicken right on top.


Salt and pepper the chicken.

Pour the can of cream of chicken soup right on top of the chicken.


Pour 1 can-full of water on to the veggies below.

Set the crock-pot on low for 5 hours.



After 4 hours and 30 minutes has passed:

Remove the chicken and dice/shred and place back into the crock pot.

Add the peas. Give the filling a stir.

In a small bowl, whisk together corn starch and milk until smooth, then pour into the crock-pot. This will thicken even more in the oven.


Replace the lid for the remaining 30 minutes.

Turn on the oven to pre-heat to 375F.


After the remaining 30 minutes has passed, transfer the chicken pot pit filling to a deep baking dish (an 8x8x4 is what I had on hand).

Top with the pie crust and follow the directions on the box.


Roll and crimp the edges of the pie crust over. Don’t forget to cut a slit into the top of the crust, so the filling doesn’t cause a minor explosion in the oven!


Bake until golden brown. (I forgot to egg wash my pie crust, so it is a tad pale).


Serve piping hot.


This made 6 huge slices!



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    Thank you so much!


  2. This looks delicious!

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